Is Your Business Blog 50 Shades of Yawn?

Posted by Pascha Apter on Feb 13, 2015 1:21:00 PM - Topics: Blogging

So you’ve got a blog.

After all, you know that businesses that blog get 67% more leads per month than non-blogging businesses.


You blog for lead generation and to establish thought leadership in your field. But your blog doesn’t get read, engaged with or shared nearly as much as you’d like. And you’re pretty sure you know why. 

Your blog is BORING.

Bland. Long-winded. Safe. About as exciting as unseasoned tofu. You’d dump your blog if you weren’t the one writing it.

Never fear. We’ve got seven hot tips to help you spice up your blog life.



7 Tips to Spice It Up Today

1. Blog blindfolded.

A lot of people tense up when they’re trying to write, often because they’re trying to get the words to come out right the first time around. Forget that! Blindfold yourself or close your eyes when writing your first draft.

Relax and write your first draft fast, without rereading your words or worrying about punctuation or spelling. When you write in a state of relaxation, your words will sound more natural. More human. And much more engaging.

After you get your first draft down, you can go back and polish it.

2. Unleash the wild side…

… of the English language, that is. In particular, spice up your verbs. They’re the powerhouses of the written word.

3. Step outside your comfort zone.

Tackle a format or an industry topic you’ve always found intimidating – yet intriguing. Record a quick video. Create an infographic.

4. Let your hair down.

Let your company’s personality shine through. People like people; strive for a human-sounding blog voice. Have you ever encountered a blog that reads like it was dictated by Data, the android from Star Trek: The Next Generation? I bet you didn’t go back to that blog.

5. Learn from a pro.

Study leading blogs in your field and outside of it. (Note we said “study,” not “copy.”) How do they capture and keep your attention? How do they structure their information? What’s unique about them?

6. Take a chance.

Take a stand on a controversy or perennial debate within your industry.

7. Find somebody new.

Get guest posters – preferably someone who’s in the trenches in your business. If your business sells and repairs industrial equipment, get the most talkative guy in the shop to write down his tips for preventative maintenance. Alternatively, if that guy doesn’t want to write, interview him and create a Q&A post. To learn more on blogging and other marketing tactics, check out our blog post 
The Ten Commandments of Naming Your New Business Brand of Blog.

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