Intern Spotlight: Maddie Bailey

Posted by Giant Voices on Feb 1, 2021 11:52:56 AM

Giant Voices, Inc. (Giant Voices) is thrilled to have Maddie Bailey on board as our Giant intern! Get to know Maddie in our most recent intern spotlight.

meet the

Hi! My name is Maddie Bailey, and I’m an intern at Giant Voices for the spring of 2021. I am a senior in college, graduating in May 2021, and a restaurant server on the side. I'm super excited about the opportunity to learn more about marketing and acquiring new skills that can’t be learned in the classroom.

What is your major?
I am majoring in Marketing.

When do you graduate?
I will be graduating this May 2021.

What is your favorite class?
Last semester, I took a class called Social Media Marketing and learned a lot from it! My team and I were tasked with creating a social media marketing plan for a small business located in Minneapolis. We did everything from identifying the target market to creating an activation plan with custom made content. We worked with the client from start to finish and presented our plan at the end of the semester. They loved our ideas and plan to implement them into their social media!

circle-cropped (5) "What I love about marketing is that you experience emotion and meaning in what you do. It is all about helping people succeed, and I find a lot of value in that. There is always so much to learn and a lot of versatility."


What is something most people don't know about you?
I have a podcast! It’s my way of inspiring others to do their best and remind them that they aren’t alone with the struggles that they face!

What are your hobbies?
In my free time, I enjoy doing anything outside, whether it be a long walk, hike, or bike ride (if it’s not too cold)! I also enjoy exploring new coffee shops, watching sunsets, spending time with family and friends, and traveling when I get the chance.


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