7 Impactful Podcasts Our Giants Tune Into to Elevate Their Intelligence

Posted by Sophie Anderson on Sep 20, 2023 9:17:00 AM - Topics: Fun, Productivity

Looking for some podcast inspiration? Explore our blog to uncover 7 impactful podcasts our Giants regularly tune into to expand their intelligence, elevate their creativity and improve their everyday lives. 

GV Blog - Impactful Podcasts Our Giants Tune Into

Podcasts have boomed in popularity over the last few years. From business and strategy to self-improvement, true crime, comedy, history and everything in between, you can find a podcast on virtually every topic known to man. 

At Giant Voices, our talented team of creatives is always searching for ways to expand their intelligence, knowledge and expertise, and many of us tune into impactful podcasts regularly.

We sat down with some of our Giants to get their top podcast recommendations—explore them below and gain inspiration on what you should tune into this week. 


The Tim Ferriss Show 

Starting off strong with a recommendation from our CEO, Pascha Apter.

The Tim Ferriss Show features Tim Ferriss, a bestselling author most often known for his book The 4-Hour Workweek, digging deep into the tools, tactics and tricks that world-class performers and experts utilize to further their growth, expand their minds and reach new heights. 

Listen to The Tim Ferriss Show on Spotify, YouTube or Apple Podcasts


Leader of the Pack 

If there’s one podcast we’re truly excited to feature, it’s Leader of the Pack, a podcast started by Tom Sega, the CEO of a favorite local brand, Duluth Pack. 

With Duluth Pack swiftly rising from a small business to a global brand with a loyal fanbase of outdoor enthusiasts found in every corner of the world, it’s no wonder the Leader of the Pack podcast features great business advice, impactful conversations and exciting stories from admirable individuals. 

Listen to Leader of the Pack on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Stitcher—and be sure to check out episode #40, featuring none other than Pascha Apter!


The Goal Digger Podcast 

The Goal Digger Podcast, founded by influential Duluth local and entrepreneur, Jenna Kutcher, is a go-to podcast for Heather Wink—one of our exceptional account executives.

She enjoys Kutcher’s valuable advice on all things business, social media, branding, budgeting, goal setting, productivity and so much more. With over 650 episodes and authentic conversations with ambitious women, you can spend countless hours diving into this incredible podcast. 

Listen to The Goal Digger Podcast on Jenna’s website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Podbean


Creative Pep Talk

Need to revamp some of your creativity? Tune into the Creative Pep Talk podcast by Andy J. Pizza.

Recommended by one of our outstanding graphic designers, Claudia Blees, this podcast is ideal for creatives like graphic designers, illustrators and Canva enthusiasts (and even you, doodlers).

This fun and quirky podcast shares inspiring stories, actionable strategies and clever tools to help you build a thriving creative career. 

Listen to the Creative Pep Talk on the Creative Pep Talk website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts


Marketing Against The Grain 

Are you curious as to what goes on in the brains of HubSpot and Zapier’s chief marketing officers? With the incredible success of these two globally-recognized brands, we sure are! 

Suggested by our awesome account assistant, Alec Beaulieau, tune into the Marketing Against The Grain podcast for a deep dive into all things marketing trends, growth tactics and innovative strategies with Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot CMO, and Kieran Flanagan, Zapier CMO. 

Listen to Marketing Against The Grain on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and Podcast Addict


The Tony Robbins Podcast 

Ready to change your life in a meaningful way? Tony Robbins is a renowned life and business strategist who has transformed thousands of lives around the world. 

Pascha also recommends tuning in to The Tony Robbins Podcast to receive game-changing tips, tricks and advice on how to uplevel your life, improve your relationships, elevate your mindset and maximize your success. 

Listen to The Tony Robbins Podcast on Tony Robbins’ website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube and Podbean


That Will Never Work 

How many times have you heard the word no? Or been told “that will never work?” Created by Marc Randolph—veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur and the co-founder of Netflix (along with many other successful brands)—this podcast seeks to radically shift your perspective of rejection and problems. 

Tune in to That Will Never Work and learn how to develop your analytical skills, hear from entrepreneurs and how they overcame hurdles, and gain actionable insights on building a thriving business. 

Listen to That Will Never Work on Marc Randolph’s website, Spotify and Apple Podcasts


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Listening to podcasts can only help your business succeed if you make changes and take action! Fortunately, with Giant Voices by your side, you don’t have to grow your business alone. 

By combining our teams and utilizing the Giants’ strengths, we can work together to catapult your brand’s growth and impact. Ready to take charge? Contact us and let’s maximize your marketing. 


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