Warren Buffett and the 13 Laws of A.M. Productivity

Posted by Pascha Apter on Dec 16, 2014 4:00:00 PM - Topics: Productivity

Master Your Morning AM Productivity

Which of these choices best describes your typical morning? 

A. Hectic. 
From the moment your siren-like alarm startles you awake, you’re running in ten different directions at 110 mph trying to fulfill all of your obligations.

B. Groggy. 
You scuttle to your desk – usually late – clutching a Starbucks cup and murmuring 
“My preciousssss.” Your coworkers know not to talk to you until after 11.

C. Aimless. 
Your morning routine includes checking email and Facebook, chatting about last night’s shocker on The Voice, and scrolling through your favorite Internet sites. 

D. Focused. 
You stride into your workspace early, feeling clear and energetic. You burn through your most important task before most people have finished their coffee.

If you answered anything other than “D,” then we need to talk.


Mastering your mornings to maximize productivity will not just make you feel like a hotshot CEO/superhero (no matter your actual job title), it will transform your life and your future. Guaranteed. 

Abide by these 13 laws to achieve morning mastery.

Law #13: Get Clear

Identify your G.I.A.N.T. goals if you haven’t already. Break your milestones and deliverables down by year, month, week and day. Optimize your workday.

Law #12: Plan Ahead 

At the end of your workday, make your list for the following day. That way, you
can leap straight into execution mode the next morning without having to pause
for planning.

Law #11: Do Less

Narrow down your list of priority projects, following the goal focus method often attributed to Warren Buffett. Similarly, for each day, identify the single most important task on your daily list. Do nothing else until that task is done.

Law #10: Know Why

Clarify your motivation for doing what you do. Knowing your bigger “why” will motivate you to persevere through tough stuff.

Law #9: Make Space

Your workspace should prime you for success. Clear clutter, get a plant and put up reminders or visual symbols of your goals.

Law #8: Destroy Distractions

Install a browser extension that lets you block your favorite time-waster websites. Be strong! Life is too short to spend it on Buzzfeed.

Law #7: Sleep More

If you’re not sleeping enough (“enough” being 7-9 hours for most people), the rest of these laws will have only limited effect. Inadequate sleep makes you dumb, cranky, snacking-prone and easily distracted. 

Law #6: Wake Early

Yes, you’re going to have go to bed earlier if you’re going to get up at 5 and still get enough sleep. Do it. Your body will thank you with abundant energy. 

Law #5: Work Out

Don’t say, “I know I should…” For the sake of your health and mental wellbeing, get moving. If you’ve been sedentary, start slow. Take a 20-minute walk. Buy a hula hoop. Do stretches at your desk. Just do something.

Law #4: Fuel Better

More protein, less sugar, fewer carbs.

Law #3: Kill Interruptions

Build your day and train the people around you to eliminate interruptions in the crucial early hours of your workday.

Law #2: Atomize Tasks

Break down projects into clear, concrete tasks. There should never be any ambiguity about what you need to do next to move toward your goals.

Law #1: Limit Time

Cap the amount of time you will spend on a given task before you start doing it.
You can adjust as you go, of course, but keep in mind that tasks are like gases:
they expand to fit the container (time) available. 

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