4 Marketing Trends We’re Watching in 2021

Posted by Pascha Apter on Jan 18, 2021 3:09:14 PM

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If the events of 2020 taught marketers one thing, it’s that we have to be prepared for anything. Companies ready to pivot at a moment’s notice bounced back from the pandemic faster than others. Now that we’ve (finally) said “so long” to 2020, we’re excited to re-energize and share our top tips for getting ahead in the 2021 marketplace. Here is what we expect to see trending in the marketing industry over the next 12 months.

1. Staff Augmentation
2020 came in like a wrecking ball, with the majority of companies feeling a financial strain. Many operations furloughed or reduced staff, decreased resources, and, in some cases, closed their doors for good. So, it should come as no surprise that companies will be slower to hire new employees in 2021.

This creates an opportunity for agencies to offer help without adding to a client's overhead costs. We anticipate a significant shift in staff augmentation, allowing agencies to fill marketing leadership and administrative roles for their clients.

  • Companies will likely hire contractors or part-time employees before adding FTEs to their organization

  • A few agencies (like Giant Voices) will offer staffing help, providing talented and trained marketing experts to fill marketing director, marketing assistant or CMO roles

During previous economic downturns, marketing agencies have been the thought-leaders and strategic partners helping clients get back on their feet. Agencies have played an integral role in providing communication, direction and support when organizations need it most. At Giant Voices, we offer clients the support they need to sustain their operations and the strategy they need to thrive.

2. Full-Service Agency Support
The need for full-service agency support has shifted like a pendulum – especially in the past 10 years. Around 2010, companies preferred hiring multiple “niche” agencies to cover singular focus areas. One agency would provide social media support, another influence management, the next SEO support, etc. However, many soon discovered how difficult it had become to manage 7-10 relationships with segmented teams, not to mention the inability to create cohesive and comprehensive campaigns that resonated with customers and prospects.

Moving into 2019, most companies wanted to limit their agency partnerships, preferring a full-service firm model that provided a much-needed integrated strategy. We see the pendulum continuing to favor the full-service agency model in the new year.

  • Companies want to create cohesive messaging across their many communication channels

  • Connections matter more now than ever, and clients want to work with agencies that understand them. They want to build a relationship with a single firm that can dig in and strengthen an organization’s brand while helping them achieve revenue goals

  • Firms like Giant Voices will expand their specializations to provide clients with full-service agency support


3. Sales and Marketing Alignment
Moving into a new year while trying to curb the effects of an ongoing global pandemic means companies need more than marketing help – they need sales help as well.

In 2021, we see more and more clients asking for help with sales and marketing alignment strategies. Our team advises clients through sales funnel development, visually showing them how their advertising and lead generation tactics will take their prospects from impressions to sales conversions.

  • Sales are critical - companies and clients aren’t just looking for a marketing firm, they’re looking for a firm to help them sell

  • Messaging matters - companies are reaffirming their competitive advantages by synchronizing their messaging in sales and marketing

  • Increasing ROI has never been more important - companies are tapping into full-service marketing agencies for conversion strategies

  • Numbers tell a story - companies are reassessing their KPIs to measure success and ensure sales and marketing alignment

Customers are part of the entire journey, not just the sale, which is why sales and marketing alignment will take on a new meaning in 2021. Our firm knows consumer behavior, and we understand the importance of  pivoting quickly when the landscape changes. We specialize in creating customized strategic plans that work best for each client’s unique situation.

4. Ongoing Growth of Personalized Connections
It’s been in almost every headline in 2020 – we miss connecting with other people. While building relationships remains the key to successful client/customer and client/firm relationships, this sentiment holds true in 2021. Companies will seek new, creative and innovative ways to reach their customers, and they will rely on their full-service agency to guide them to where they need to be.

We anticipate these tactics will perform strongly:

  • Video advertising: As thousands of Zoom calls in 2020 have taught us, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. Whether it’s on social or in programmatic display, video ads will continue to be the preferred choice as each allows advertisers to communicate on a more personal level than a standard display ad.

  • Personalization using programmatic AI: The digital advertising landscape has transformed in the last two years, making it easier and more affordable for advertisers to send personalized ad content to targeted audiences. Providing the right content, in the right place, at the right time, is the best way to drive conversions.

2020 was a year of autonomy for target audiences across all industries – during that time, consumers’ needs changed drastically as they wanted to work, learn and gain feedback on their own time, in their own way. Customers have had time to assess companies’ channels as well as the content they produce, so utilizing technology while emphasizing the importance of authentic storytelling will be critical to success as marketers embrace a new year.

Four marketing trends will drive growth in 2021:

1. Staff Augmentation
2. Full-Service Agency Support
3. Sales and Marketing Alignment
4. Ongoing Growth of Personalized Connections

At Giant Voices, we practice what we preach. We are here to help you reach your ambitions as we embrace a new year.

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