How to Execute a Successful UGC Strategy

Posted by Sophie Anderson on Jul 6, 2023 8:28:00 AM

As we discussed in our previous blog on user-generated content (UGC), this tactic can be an incredibly powerful way to maximize your reach, influence and exposure. The key to executing a successful UGC strategy lies in understanding and avoiding a few potential pitfalls. Let’s take a look at how we can successfully overcome them for excellent results. 

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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Strategic Marketing

What You Need to Know About User-Generated Content (UGC)

Posted by Sophie Anderson on May 23, 2023 9:08:00 AM

User-generated content is quickly becoming a popular marketing tactic that brands throughout all industries are implementing in their marketing strategies. Here’s what you need to know about it if you’re interested in learning more about what it means and how you can utilize UGC to improve your brand’s reach, conversions and sales. 

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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Strategic Marketing

Want Sales-Marketing Alignment? Get Back to Basics

Posted by Pascha Apter on Oct 30, 2015 11:34:55 AM

How do you decide which sales and marketing channels to pursue?

How do you make your brand memorable and well-positioned in the global marketplace?

How do you create an experience so seamless that you earn loyal customers for life?

The answer? Sales-marketing alignment, of course. But what does that look like – and, more importantly, what should you do when you need to get your numbers up NOW? Get back to basics. Specifically, these three business basics:

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Topics: Strategic Marketing, Branding, Sales-marketing alignment


Posted by Pascha Apter on Nov 11, 2014 1:34:00 PM

Direct to camera, face framed in shadow, British actor Tom Hiddleston enunciates advice in a prep-school accent as sharp as his bespoke suit: “World domination
starts with attention to detail.” 

The scene is from a video ad for the Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe. It’s part of a larger campaign expounding upon the so-called “Art of Villainy.”

(The campaign hashtag? #GoodToBeBad.)

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Topics: Strategic Marketing

Elevate Your Marketing from Good to Excellent

Posted by Pascha Apter on Mar 11, 2014 11:24:00 AM

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Topics: Strategic Marketing


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